Why Is Being Healthy So Complicated?

Lorraine R.

1 min read

man on front of vending machines at nighttime
man on front of vending machines at nighttime

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for many individuals, especially since Its freaking expensive! Healthy food options tend to be way more expensive than processed and unhealthy alternatives, making it difficult for people on a tight budget to prioritize nutritious choices. Additionally, having access to good quality healthcare and gym memberships can be costly, making It hard to live a healthy lifestyle. On top of that inconsistency plays a huge role in the struggle to maintain a healthy routine. People often find it challenging to stick to a regular exercise regimen or a balanced diet due to various commitments and responsibilities. In addition, a lack of knowledge on nutrition and fitness can make it even more challenging to sustain healthy habits. Without proper guidance and awareness, individuals may struggle to make informed choices, making it harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is crucial to not only educate yourself on maintaining a healthy lifestyle but also important to understand the idea of achieving the proper balance. One does not have to be entirely committed to being healthy, because who wants to eat salads every single day? Not me! Thats for sure; instead, following a 70% healthy and 30% indulgent balance can make a significant difference. By adopting this approach, you will definitely thank yourself in the future. Remember, being healthy is not just a temporary thing, but it is a lifelong commitment that will ultimately benefit you in the long run. So let's get you started!